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About overseas shipping / To overseas customers





Our online store also supports overseas shipping. ◆How to order: The page is written in Japanese, but Please add the desired product to your cart and proceed to the procedure screen. Next, on the page where you enter customer information, there is a place to set your "region". If you set it to "Overseas", the notation will change to English, so please proceed with the procedure. ※When entering the delivery address, please enter the correct address. If the information is not accurate, the package may be returned to you. ◆Payment method: ・Payment methods implemented in our online store (credit card,paypal ) ◆Regarding shipping and shipping charges: Shipping is basically done by EMS. If you are in a hurry, we will use "DHL" etc. ※In the case of DHL, shipping costs will be higher, so please contact us each time. We will look into shipping costs later, so please contact us separately to complete payment procedures. ※Notes ◆For overseas shipments, we do not accept returns due to trying on, wrong size, or wrong image. ◆If the item is returned to us after it has been shipped due to a mistake in the address entered by the customer, you will be asked to pay the additional shipping fee if you wish to resend the item. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. <Contact us> https://owls-himeji.shop/inquiry